A Very, Very, Very Busy Month

Where to begin? How about with a standard “Wow, I just looked at my last entry on here and realized that it was in September and now it’s the first day of November (Happy belated Halloween, Goobers!) which means I was quiet all of October and haven’t written anything in over a month and that makes me the worst blogger ever” apology? At the same time, I’m pretty sure my mom (Hi, Mama!) is my only regular reader and I assure you, I have at least called her since September. Continue reading

The First 5 Miles in 5 Months

This weekend called for five miles on Saturday morning. Five miles — the most I have run in five months. It felt special and a “take that, blood clot” kind of way to celebrate the anniversary. I’ve obviously been getting sick of my less than five mile running routes, so I wanted to go somewhere I hadn’t been in a while. The run up to the Weehawken waterfront park and back is about five from my apartment, so that seemed like the best bet! Continue reading

Running Jams: The ‘Just Folkin’ Run’ Edition

A couple of weekends ago I was up in Rhode Island bopping around the Newport Folk Festival, so I’ve been listening to a lot of folk music this summer, which is generally not the first genre you think of when you’re looking for new running tunes. But I’ll tell ya. Nothing gets me going like a good banjo — especially if it’s played by the ever-so-dreamy Scott Avett. Swoon. Continue reading

Back From Vacation

I just spent an awesome beach week down in one of my favorite places (Long Beach Island), with some of my favorite people (my gigantic family). It was a lot of fun and has admittedly been a little difficult to get back into the swing of things (long work days) after a week of lounging in a beach chair, playing with my nieces and nephew, and eating way too much Skipper Dipper (my favorite ice cream on the planet). But now I’m officially back from vacation — and back to training! Continue reading

Short, Sweaty, and Speedy: Party With Purpose 5K Race Recap

I’ve been doing the Party With Purpose 5K for three or four years now, always with my one of my best Hoboken (and everywhere else) friends Drew. So I knew it was going to be short, I knew it was going to be sweaty, but I was not expecting it to be speedy — let alone give me a new 5K PR in the middle of a heat wave! Continue reading